Joseph LaLonde

Joseph LaLonde

Albuquerque, New Mexico

6 years of experience


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Functional Nutrition Specialist
Pro Sports Trainer (NBA)
BS in Exercise Science

Contact Info:

Joe’s favorite workout day of the week is leg day and his favorite exercise is hack squats.

Specializing in training women to build their glutes and achieve overall wellness, Joe is known as the "Certified Glute Builder."

With a wealth of experience, Joe offers expertise in various areas such as competition prep coaching for women's bikini, wellness, and men's physique, spanning from amateur NPC to IFBB pro league.

He excels in athletic performance enhancement, encompassing strength training, conditioning, speed, and agility. Joe is also adept at training professional athletes from the NBA to the Olympics.

In addition, he brings his experience as a former collegiate soccer player and high school varsity coach with 2x state titles.

With Joe’s dedication and expertise in the field of fitness, you're in exceptional hands to achieve your fitness goals!