Kenneth Whitacre

Kenneth Whitacre


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Mindset Mastery Coach

Kenneth's preferred workout day revolves around leg day, where he revels in pushing his boundaries. His favored exercise? None other than the barbell back squat.

Specializing in a holistic approaches to optimizing human performance, Kenneth brings a versatile skill set to his training sessions.

With a history in bodybuilding, including achieving professional status in the Global Bodybuilding Organization and guiding clients through competition preparations, Kenneth comprehends the tenacity and focus necessary for reaching peak physical condition.

Beyond his proficiency in bodybuilding, Kenneth is well-versed in techniques for mastering mindset and has an extensive background in coaching cheerleading which takes grit, strength and, patience.

With Kenneth's dedication and expertise in the realm of fitness, you're in exceptional hands to realize your fitness aspirations!