Shannon Cahill

Shannon Cahill

Staten Island, New York


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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Shannon's favorite workout day is back day, where she loves to challenge herself with exercises like rack pulls. With Shannon's expertise and passion for fitness, you're in good hands to achieve your fitness goals!

Specializing in muscle building, weight loss, bodybuilding, and power-building, Shannon brings a wealth of experience to her training sessions.

With a background in competing multiple bodybuilding shows that she coached and posed herself through, Shannon understands the dedication and discipline required to achieve peak performance. She's also a seasoned mixed martial artist with 15 years of training under her belt, bringing a unique perspective to her sessions.

As a former cross country and track runner for 8 years, Shannon knows what it takes to push through physical barriers and achieve goals. Additionally, her background in dance adds versatility and creativity to her training approach.